Karolina 'Gigi' Więcek - vocal

short bio: Vocalist, songwriter and above all she's got guts :) She always wanted to play her most loved genre - melodic death metal. Fan of computer games, movies, books and nature.

gear: Shure SM58

Paweł 'Bloody' Szczypka - bass, second vocal

short bio: One of the Warbell's former members. He always wanted to play the bass guitar. He played in many different projects, but melodic death metal was always his favorite genre. A manager of the band. A fan of old In Flames, WRC, computer games and Spector guitars.

gear: Spector Rebop 5, Ampeg SVT-4 PRO, Ampeg SVT-810T, Sansamp PSA-1, Line 6 G50 Wireless, Korg Pitchblack, Kozioł Custom Belt, Spector Legend Custom 6.

Piotr 'Peter' Hasioli - guitar

short bio: One of the founders of Warbell. A fan of melodic death metal, In Flames and computer games.

gear: Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy, Bugera 6262, David Laboga 212FS-PRO, Decimator by Puff, Korg Pitchblack.

Mateusz 'Sweep' Cichoń - guitar

short bio: He started to play the guitar in 2011. He enjoys every kind of music, but the most loved by him are death metal subgenres. He loves travelling, good gigs, computer games and good beer.

gear: Ibanez RG 721FM, Bugera 6260, Harley Benton G212 Vintage, Decimator G-string by Puff, Deep Blue Delay by Puff, Korg Pitchblack, ESP LTD H-251FM.

Rafał 'Vader' Wiaderek - drums

short bio: An adventure with drums started in 2007. He played in few local bands. Then in 2013 he joined Warbell. He likes playing gigs, drinking beer and flying.

gear: Pearl Vision VBL Birch drums, Zildjian A Custom, Oriental, Istanbul, Amedia cymbals, Czarcie Kopyto drum pedal, Pearl hardware, Mapex Armory Hammered Steel Daisy Cutter snare, Alesis DM5 module, Roland RT-30K trigger, Evans G2 & Evans Onyx drum heads, Vic Firth 5AN and Peel Wood 5B drumsticks.