Band Bio

Warbell was founded in 2008 by Marcin "Marun" Witeska, Piotr "Peter" Hasioli and Pawel "Bloody" Szczypka. In the beginning they played covers, but soon began to compose their own music. In 2009 the band joined drummer Patryk Kryński and Krzysztof Barański and then they played their first concerts. n late 2009 they released demo "Battle Of Unnumbered Tears", but the vocals were made by Paul "Bloody" Szczypka. Then Mateusz Styczyński became the new vocalist, but not for long - in 2010 the band suspended activity.

They returned to the stage in 2013, with Rafał "Vader" Wiaderek as drummer and Karolina "Gigi" Więcek as growling vocalist. Few weeks later they released a re-recorded demo from 2009 and started working on a new material. On 1st December 2015 they released their first longplay album "Havoc", which collects very good reviews, both from Poland and abroad. Meanwhile, they have played more than 80 concerts in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain, Austria and Hungary, and has supported bands such as Decapitated, Tortharry, Illusion, Bucovina, Ithilien, Grimner and many others. In 2016 Marcin, one of the former members, decided to leave the band, but he's still involved in composing new material. For few months his place was taken by Piotr Pawlak. In 2017 Mateusz "Sweep" Cichoń took place as a guitarist. Now the band is working on a new album and they are preparing for upcoming shows and festivals.